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Varmint on the Net

Varmint On The Net is the website of the great Varmint.

Royal Varmint

The Varmint (a.k.a. Deli Atkins) was found by Jan Atkins under a temporary school building in Columbus, Georgia. He now lives with Andréa Atkins and Owen King in Athens, Georgia.

"Royal Varmint" - Deli poses as "Royal Varmint" at the Lyndon House Arts Center in Athens.
"Waiting Varmint" - Waiting inside Debbie's fence, The Varmint looks anxiously for Andréa. Waiting Varmint
Junkyard Varmint
"Junkyard Varmint" - Varmints will be varmints.
Resting Varmint
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