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Friends of the Varmint

The Varmint has a few friends.

Deli's Old friends

Gwuin and Daisy
These were Deli's first friends at his Columbus home: the late, great Gwuin and Daisy.
Jan with Daisy and Maggie
Jan found Deli hiding under a portable building several years ago. This is Jan with her dogs Maggie and Daisy.
Deli really loves this dog Daisy.

Deli's playful buddy Oliver

Deli and Oliver
Deli gets a little ferrocious with Oliver.
This is some classic Oliver.

Cookie Monster

Cookie Monster
They started off as friends. Then this guy ate the Deli's bed. I think Deli is still holding a grudge. Good thing Cookie Monster is up in Maryland.


Sometimes Deli likes Guinness. Other times he shows her his little teeth. Here Guinness is sitting in front of her owner Dan.


Dude is the son of Guiness.


Lucy and Margaret
With the help of her buddy Margaret, Lucy shows off her athletic talents.
Varmint and Lucy
Varmint thinks Lucy is A-OK., Copyright 2004-2015
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